Yeah, those invisible leashes are pretty unreliable
Poor Qay.. It happened again. She is always the one getting charged by someone's dog. Sheesh. This time, it was a tiny white dog. We were walking this morning and across the street I see this dog RUNNING like her little tiny white butt was on fire. And behind her, a woman calling her name and running. Well this little dog saw Qay and BOLTED over to "say hello". Qay thinks this is rude. Fortunately, I had a good handle on her and sat her down. (and she sat! I was so proud). Meanwhile, this little thing is sniffing around.. trying to decide how much closer she wants to get! She's about two feet away and Qay is having none of it. Qay really does well with dogs when she is off leash. But on leash she is a different dog. So, the woman runs up and sees us and says "Oh my gosh! I'm so sorry! Her leash broke!". The dog is not wearing a collar. The owner does not have a leash in her hand. She then decides to WALK WITH HER DOG. Yup.. you read that right.. she actually expected the dog to walk with her. I suggested, as nicely as I could that maybe she should PICK HER UP! oy vey. Qay did very well, I have to say. After a moment she settled back down and enjoyed the rest of our walk. Whew!

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