Blood, Sweat and Fears
Sunday night was not fun. My water heater decided to burst and gush water all over the floor of my basement. I spend Monday at home waiting for the plumber. Tuesday, I worked late to make up for what I missed on Monday! So I didn't make it to train. Thursday night, it was just me and one other person. Always makes for a fun class. So, I'm training away and I stand sideways in the mirror and I see that the side of my gi is covered in streaks of blood. It takes me a minute but I finally clue in that I had rubbed the side of my arm on the side of my gi... and my arm was bleeding. Must have scraped it Sunday night... and it had only scabbed over a little bit... it's all I can figure.. Great. Most of it came out at least. Coming up is Fall training Camp. I'm a little bit terrified. And the weekend after that, I should be testing. On the knitting front, I joined a KAL for gloves and mittens (Ravelry Link). I'm going to try to make the Urban Necessity Gloves. Got the yarn and the needles.. we'll see if we can pull this off.

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