Going Green

First, I have to congratulate myself. I FINALLY got my green belt!!! Woohoo! Of course, now work is keeping me late and I’ve not been to class in a week.. The most I’ve worn my green belt is all of five minutes after Sensei gave it to me.

But I passed!

And on the green theme, I did a little crocheting. Yes, I know the blog is “Kick n Knit” but “Kick n Crochet” doesn’t sound as cool.

A while back I made a pair of fingerless mitts for myself for dog walking. I used this pattern from Suzie’s Stuff.

no finger gloves for me!

both fingerless gloves

A friend saw them and said “oh! I want a pair!” so of course I made them for her since they are a super quick project. She wanted them in Orange.. of which I had none.. acrylic works great for these since they get pretty dirty being used as dog walking gloves (which was her intention as well). So I picked up a skein of the dreaded but cheap soul sucking Red Heart in what I like to call “Flaming Orange of Death” color.

So I whipped off the gloves and I was left with a ton of this horrid stuff.

I decided my orange loving friend needed some green stuff.. you know green stuff that would use up that orange yarn.

Witness the Flaming Orange Market Bag (of Death) (Pattern Here)


I had made one of these for myself previously. Mine DOES have the CD for a base, but I don’t think you need it.


Mine is in a more reasonable color. Although, it does show dirt.

I had a little bit more orange left, so I also made the Flaming Orange Poofball (of Death) (Pattern here)


This is a tawashi, that should do a nice job scrubbing dishes… no more sponges!