It’s going to be a long haul back from this one
First, I have to tell you that Rhinebeck Sheep and Wool Festival was awesome... I bought some fun stuff.. I'll post about that later. My biggest issue right now is that I've been sick.. I mean SICK.. I've not been this sick in a very long time. I don't think I've ever been this sick. First I got the flu. I don't think I've ever had the flu...damn now I understand why people get the flu shot. This was horrible... 102 fever for 5 days..and then just for fun, I got bronchitis. I've had minor bouts of this before. When I didn't have health insurance I had to treat it myself with Robitussin and lots of Hall cough drops. But this... this is horrible. I'm SO tired... I can deal with the cough now that I found something that will suppress it long enough for me to sleep. But the fatigue.. the exhaustion. I've lost SO much muscle tone and just sweeping the kitchen has me falling down exhausted. I thought that now that I can eat (after 8 days of basically wasting away) I would have more energy... but I don't. I want my body back. The one that was starting to get strong and fit and lean and mean. Not this wimpy soft weak puddle of goo...

3 thoughts on “It’s going to be a long haul back from this one

  1. I can so empathise with you on this one! Since I got Chronic Fatigue about a year and a half ago, I spend time each day just wanting my old body back that could deal with the simple mundane things in life like sweeping the floor!! Best thing to do is rest when you need it, don’t try to ‘work past it’ and build up a reserve of energy so you can achieve a little more each day. I hope you are feeling a lot more ‘yourself’ soon.
    Take care,

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