Excuse me.. your stupid is showing.

“Congratulations to him for straightening his life around and bettering himself as a human being,” coach Andy Reid said. “He’s obviously very well-respected by his teammates.”

This would be about Michael Vick. Michael Vick who has been awarded the Ed Block Courage Award

I’m sorry.. but I call Bull Pucky.

I get a lot of grief because I have been saying that sure, the guy did a horrible horrible thing and did the time that the current legal system allows and now he goes back to his job, just like every other American. I don’t think athletes should be held to a higher standard because they are in the public eye. Everyone should be equal in the eyes of the law.. that’s just how I feel and I know a lot of you feel differently. If he wasn’t punished enough then the system failed.

**climbs down from soap box**

That being said, the dude turned his life around and worked with the Human Society (don’t get me started on them) because HE HAD TO. This was not a decision on his part. He had no choice.

Bull Pucky.. it stinks.

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In other news, Embrace Pet Community Blog shared this awesome update.

The 2010 Pin Ups for Pitbulls Calendar is out!

Funds from the sale of these Calenders goes toward educating people about bully breeds and on breed discrimination.

Go.. buy…¬† and thumb your nose at the NFL and HSUS on your way there.