I’m back!
I've been back to classes for about 2 weeks... and I hurt a bit. Ok I hurt a lot. After a month off of karate, going back was quite .. unpleasant.. but not really. It's odd actually, because while my legs are screaming, my heart is racing and my back is complaining, I'm still kicking... and kicking..and kicking. (ok.. not kicking correctly, but kicking none the less) It feels awesome. I have so missed this. I feel like I'm actually in my body again. The weekend before I went back, Sensei had a small holiday get together that I really wanted to go to, but the day before I did this CherryBlossom And my ankle swelled up the next day. boo .. hiss.. but the tattoo looks great now (not so great in that pic but oh well. Do you know how hard it is to take a pic of your own ankle? While I sat on my bum, elevating my sore ankle, I did some knitting. I made these Nifty Gloves (Pattern: Knitting Neels or Ravelry Link) out of some sock yarn I had left over from the Pride socks I made. Fingerless Pride Gloves And I did a little crocheting as well. I made these booties (Pattern: Marlo's Crochet Corner or Ravelry Link) for me as a test to see if they would work as a charity donation. I ended up making 4 pairs out of the Dreaded Red Heart for a local nursing home. (Don't get all over me about slippers being to slippery for the elderly. I labeled them TV booties and got approval from the organizer first mmmkay?) Booties

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  1. btw, I miss having a decent local karate school… will check & see if there are any in the area once we get moved over to the other place. I can still do some of my kicks properly, can feel the “snap”… so wonder if some of it is like riding a bicycle.. I got up to the belt right before brown in Tae Kwon Do… but I miss the style you do, that was my first karate style at the Brooklyn College annex back in 1975!

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