Just relax
Damn I have a hard time with that. Had class today. Sunday's are always great because not many people show up which means I get a lot of instruction. Today was a little different. It was still intense, but Sensei didn't spend a lot of time picking apart our technique. We warmed up, did a few combinations and as I was moving through them, I envied my classmates ability to smoothly move from block to punch to kick. When I move from one technique to another it's jerky and clunky and slow. One of the things that Sensei said today was to relax. He says this all the time, but today he elaborated a bit and I realized what I'm doing wrong. When I execute a technique, I'm tensing my muscles all through the entire technique.. instead of waiting until the end of the technique and then tensing... and then relaxing. Talk about using too much energy! and there is now way to move smoothly through one technique to another if I don't allow my body to relax. Seriously I've felt like the Tin Man from the Wizard of Oz. Oil Can! Oil Can! When we did the next combination, I tried to remember this... and it was much easier.. maybe now when I do 20 front kicks I won't look like I've done a thousand (at least that is what Sensei said I look like-- I know that's what it FEELS like!) And I've been knitting and crocheting. I'm currently into dishcloths, so I made a set for a friend. She loves orange.. like for realz Chinese Waves - pattern Chinese Waves Chrysanthemum- pattern Chrysanthemum BallBand Dishcloth -pattern BallBand And my FAVORITE! Dog with Paw -pattern Dog

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