Turn and face the strange
Ch.. ch.. ch.. CHANGES! Now that you are all singing a David Bowie song, I wanted to tell you about some of the things we've changed for the furkids. As you may or may not know, I have been a proponent of raw feeding. My dogs have been on raw food since they came home to us. And they loved it. But I worry. We lost Charlie to a bladder tumor at age 7. We lost Targ to hemangiosarcoma at age 6. The girls are 5 this summer. Although they are pretty healthy over all, Qay is still very flighty despite all the work we've done with her and Qor has a reoccurring infection under her chin. It could be because for as much as we try, her face is never really dry. It's that tongue thing. You've seen it. Maybe it's time to try something else. Maybe we aren't able to nutritionally balance a diet for our dogs. Maybe these two dog would do better on (gasp!) kibble. I confess. For a long time I was a full fledged member of "raw diet is the ONLY way" club. A few years ago, I started to realize that I could not covert everyone into my cult. I started telling people that the best diet for your dog is the one it thrives on. Just recently, at a chiropractic clinic, I saw a young dog practically glowing with life.. Glowing! Shiny coat, bright eyes, nice teeth and wonderful attitude. I said to myself, "this is a raw fed dog". That dog was 5 years old and had been on kibble his whole life. So for the past month, the girls have been getting a high quality kibble, for one meal a day. Although, digestively speaking they are still adjusting, I have noticed that Qor's face is less swollen. And their poop is ok.. not great.. but okay. We are interested to see what their blood work looks like in February. We'll be comparing it to last years. On the home front, we purchased a new mattress as the old one was 8 years old and sagging pretty badly. Since we couldn't have the old one hauled away, we had to put it SOMEWHERE until trash night. So I put it in our "we call it the library but it's would be the dining room if we had a table but it's really the quasi laundry/ doggy play room" room. The dogs have claimed it as their own. Click to Bigify

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  1. I did that most of last year, mostly becuase its hard to keep weight on in the non winter months (yup even Guinness who used to be fluufy). Just went back to Am/PM mixs though. Fiji was have diegestive issues. So back to the mixs for all. We will see what happens when we are mosr active I suspect I will have to go back to kibble in AM and Meat in pm. I used Taste of the Wild kibble

  2. I have switched my dog and cats to Nature’s Variety dry kibble. They used to eat a cheap Purina food. I would definitely like to start feeding them raw food at least a few times per week, and I like that Nature’s Variety has a raw option (premade so I don’t have to worry about balancing the diet myself). I feel so much better when I feed them high-quality food and all-natural kibble isn’t as good as raw, but it’s so much better than what they were eating before.
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