The Tweets that Didn’t Happen: part 1
I'm back from vacation! I did not bring my phone or any way to access the interwebs while I was gone. I didn't even bring my knitting! (I have this fear of TSA agents ripping my needles from my project, leaving my socks to frog themselves)... so in the interest of "summarizing" my 5 days away, I give you... the Tweets that Didn't Happen Part 1 (times are estimated) Wednesday, January 6th:  Travel Day
  • 11:30 AM:  ZOMG.. so excited!  off to the airport. Dogs not happy.
  • 12:45 PM: Shel got the pat down. Suggested she offer the TSA agent a cig.  Sheesh!
  • 2:45 PM: Blerg.. plane delayed 1/2 hour.. there goes my layover
  • 3:30 PM: TSA at the gate? Srsly?  Horse out of the barn at this point people.
  • 3:45 PM:  YAY! First class FTW!
  • 5:30 PM:  Spent 2 mins in Charlotte.. now off to Orlando.
  • 7:00 PM: Magical Express FTW! Hey.. it's cold... brrr
  • 7:30 PM: Shel gets "Happy Birthday Button" from desk.
  • 9:30 PM: Paradiso 37.  Crazy Corn Way good.  Rest of dinner sucky.
  • 9:31PM : should stay on Disney Proper for foodz..  blech.
  • 9:44 PM: Chatted with 2 wmn from Ontario. In Dis. for Marathon.
  • 10:30 PM: Back to Port Orleand FQ: tomorrow Animal Kingdom!
Thursday, January 7th
  • 8:30 AM: thank the gods for Via. No real coffee here
  • 9:45 AM: Brkfst at hotel.  Standard issue eggs.
  • 10:30AM: Animal Kingdom Bus! woot!
  • 10: 35AM: zomg.. it's tourist group hell here.  Is all of Europe on vaca?
  • 11:00 AM: Dinosaur Ride!
  • 11:30 AM: Flame tree BBQ!  pork sammie.. nom nom nom
  • 12:45 PM: Expedition Everest... scary.. no freaking way.
  • 1:00 PM: bored.  Not much in this park for us.
  • 1:30 PM: decision made! Fantasia Mini golf!
  • 3:30 PM:  Scoping out Boardwalk.
  • 4:30PM: Back to hotel for break
  • 7:00PM: Headed to Boardwalk for dinner at Kouzzina PITA to get to.
  • 7:29PM: Bus to Studios then bus to boardwalk.. bleh
  • 7:31PM: wth? Studios bus playing Star TREK music? did they know we were here?
  • 8:00 PM: Front of house: scary. Waitress awesome!
  • 8:15 PM: omg.. mezze is excellent!  Lamb meatballs VERY spicy
  • 9:00 PM: lamb shank ftw!
  • 9:30 PM:  dessert .. eh.. not worth it. loukoumades soggy
  • 9:45 PM: zomg! waitress just yelled it was Shel's Bday! Entire place yells OPA! Free cupcake!
  • 10:ooPM: packed up left overs. Back to hotel.  Balmy 38F

2 thoughts on “The Tweets that Didn’t Happen: part 1

  1. That’s neat, wish I got to see it day by day..did you write those all down? (and for future reference, if you do want to bring knitting along, bring needles you wouldn’t mind losing & put the last row/round on a lifeline, dental floss would work, and your work wouldn’t unravel itself…

    But if you were happy enough without knitting, then great!!

  2. I attempted to reconstruct my thoughts at the time.. harder than I thought it would be… and I contemplated the lifeline thing… but I don’t have any needles I wouldn’t want to lose!

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