Olympic Feets
Well, I joined Ravelympics. If you are on Ravelry.com then I'm sure you've heard of it... if not, well, it's Olympics for Knitters. There are events to compete in and you can't start until the opening ceremonies. I'm doing the Cable Cross Country.. which is very ambitious since I've never done cables before. I'm already behind since I initially was going to use this yarn dyed by the Chicks with Sticks which I got from the Knitting Purls sock yarn club. The Chicks with Sticks Which is a beautiful bamboo/wool blend that barfed on me so it took me ages to get ready.. and then it made this gorgeous spiral when I started knitting it and I thought "I have a better pattern for this yarn"..so you guessed it.. I frogged it. Now I'm using this Good Grrl yarn by Tempted Yarns. also from the Knitting Purls sock yarn club. Tempted Yarns: First Spring Iris Incidentally, if one of you buys this before I feel justified in replenishing the stash, I will be sad.. but you will love it.. this is awesome yarn to work with. Anywho... Got a good amount of cable done.. after several false starts, I think I'm getting the hang of it. CableSock.jpg Um..that would be Fred the Yeti and Toby the Dragon in the background... being supportive. In karate news, I didn't make it to class all last week. I don't know what I did to my knee but it was swollen for no reason... and painful.. wierd.. I think I slipped on the ice or something and hyper-extended it. There were times it felt way loose.. and other times it was fine. Sensei said that extensions with weights help by building the muscle around the joint.. good plan.. should give that a shot. We had a good class today. We had two beginner students. Young kids. Very respectful and really listened. If they stick it out, they will do well. Good that they are together, though because they can help each other out and they can spar together. Kinda hard to be the only two kids in a group. I do hope they come back though. My back stance still sucks.. I think I must have a mental block or something... and there are still quite a few things that I'm screwing up in my kata... annoying... I have to figure out how to do more practice at home.

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