Ups and Downs
These past few weeks have been nuts. All three (yes I said three) of my bosses were on the Company trip to Aruba... meh. Which means chaos for me. Oh well.. oh and Shel went off to San Francisco for conference which meant not only was she away for a few days but I was stuck with that song in my head for like a week. My Ravelympics project was a bust.  I finished one sock (now renamed the "Purple Torture sock of Doooooom!") and it was like way too wide on the bottom of the foot.. it was essentially a paddle.. urm.. Off to the frog pond it goes. On the karate front, well there ain't much news. I've been working and not going.. which blows. The weight loss, however is going like gangbusters inspite of not exercising. I think I may have finally hit a plateau though. But since January 14th I've lost 15(ish) pounds. Go me! Not much in pattern news. I've been working on a vanilla sock and started the gusset of the 2nd one last night while watching Firefly. This will be the second time around trying to watch this series. Now that I watch Castle, I find I have an appreciation for Nathan Fillion. Quirky. I like him. So we're giving it another go. Once that sock is done I was going to make the Devil's Snare Socks but I just noticed that they are for SPORT weight. meh. I might try it anyway

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