Rude Awakening
So I've been a green belt for a while, but evidently, I've not been pushing myself as much as I should. Last Thursday in class I got a rude awakening. I'm not nearly fast enough. Or I'm just comfortable and have gotten lazy. Or both. During one step attack I got tagged.. I got tagged a LOT. So I think I need to figure out how to push myself to move faster... problem is, I still feel like an elephant on roller skates. When I get tired, I get sloppy. I don't execute things correctly. Have to figure out how to fix that. On the other hand, my back stance is getting better... Sensei's words were "much better! about time." Hey you take compliments where you can get them right? On the knitting front.. eh .. I've been plugging along on my Swing This Socks but I grow tired of them. The first sock is done and the second one is on it's way. But.. eh.. I did finish this Acorn Head scarfish like thingy.. but it's too small for me. I ran out of yarn.. I'll be gifting this to someone with a small head. Acorn I didn't even bother working in ends. I feel like crocheting. So I started this 9 to 5 shrug... so I can hide the tattoos at work. I like to wear sleeveless dresses and tops sometimes, but if a client comes in, I like to cover them up. 9 to 5 I ran out of yarn for this too. Drat... AND it's not available to order again until Monday. So now I'm on to the Summer Breeze cardi. Here is my gauge swatch. Pretty isn't it? Gauge Swatch I have a giant ball of crochet cotton. I shouldn't run out this time. I hope.

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