Eat this… it’s yummy
So, we have been doing really really well on this whole diet thing. I'm down almost 25 pounds! I'm obsessing over the scale. Anywho, we've stuck pretty much to the no sugar thing.. but it was Qay's Birthday.. and Qay loves carrots and traditionally, she gets carrot cake for her birthday. No Cake makes Qay a Sad Panda Qay So that we could all have "cake" , I took a muffin recipe and adapted it to get rid of the processed sugar and use only whole wheat. 100% whole wheat Carrot Muffins They came out way good. Yes, they have sugar, but the sugar comes from honey and pineapple and carrots. mmm..yummy.. See all the yummy carrot shreds? If you want the recipe, I posted it here

4 thoughts on “Eat this… it’s yummy

  1. oh thank you! they actually freeze really well. I froze them in packages of two so we could have a little snack when a little snack was deserved!

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