It’s compliant now, okay?

Been fooling around with the blog, trying to use the WordBooker plugin and Recipe Press and it was giving me fits.

Yah, cuz my theme is old.. like two years old and evidently the templating system in WordPress 3.0 is really very different than it used to be.

So I decided to just adapt the new “default” theme for WordPress and I did it the right way. You know, copying it into a new file, renaming it in the style.css file so it doesn’t get all wonky and over written when WordPress updates again? Yah, like that..

(ETA: 07/07/10- evidently I’m supposed to do it THIS WAY now)

And I gave myself a schnazzy new header. The old was was kinda just chucked together.. I’m quite happy with this new one.

In other news.

I finished my first shawl! Yay me! It’s for my mom. She bought me some lovely yarn from a farmers market. It’s kool-aid dyed alpaca. Handspun.
Merry Hill Farm Alpaca

Pretty yes? Lumpy? kinda.. but I think it’s okay. She’s going to be surprised when she finds out I used her gift to make her a gift! 🙂

I made the Travelling Woman shawl because, well it looked easy. I did an extra repeat of chart A.

It looks kinda messy before it’s blocked

Before blocking it was 32×13
Of course, it was curly so kinda hard to tell exactly how long it is.

After blocking.. whooboy! 57×20!

I got the niftiest shawl pin too. My mom is a Dragonfly nut (sheesh.. I hope she’s not reading this). Just in case, though, I won’t post a pic!