Time to get crackin and snackin
Yesterday we took my little darlings to their doggy chiropractic visit. A very good friend of ours is a Chiropractic veterinarian. Since we are all trying to eat better, instead of bringing the usual goodies, we brought something healthy. I have been wanting to make Texas Caviar, a recipe that was shared by Brie in the South Beach Diet group on Ravelry. Since not everyone can get on Ravelry, I posted the recipe here with Brie's permission. This turned out way tasty... seriously. I will admit to making it with canned beans... oh well.. time was short! So anywho, Qay has been very very very sore lately.. her back right hock has some arthritis in it. It was described to us as feeling like "a bag of gravel".. shudder.. Qay has not been eating for weeks.. for weeks we've been trying to find what it is she wants.. Turns out, she wants red pepper flakes. Red Pepper has been used to treat pain since the capsaicin interferes with substance P which transmit pain to the brain. So the pain may still be happening but the brain doesn't register it. Because her knee was so out of whack, she threw her back out. Our local chiro vet couldn't get her to adjust. She was so sore her muscles wouldn't release. So our friend used an activator and that seems to have done the trick. So, I leave you now with one of my favorite comedians.

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