Ring My Bell
About three weeks ago, I decided that it was time to start adding in some weight training. My weight loss is kind of stalled (too much cheese? could be) and I'm not getting out to karate class as often as I should (anyone surprised? didn't think so) I took an introduction to kettlebells class with a local RKC instructor. It was pretty damn awesome. Kettlebells are essentially a ball of iron with a handle. Check out Lorna Kleidman (Author of Body Sculpting with Kettlebells for Women) throwing some iron around In case you are wondering, that's 20kg or 44lbs that she's tossing around. (oh yah.. and I'm a real fan of that person asking if she got her boobs done.. classy.. really) I didn't think 44lbs was that much really, until I realized how much of your core and entire body are engaged in swinging a kettlebell.. not to mention the fact that you need to keep from whacking the back of your arm with those 44lbs when you heft it into the air. I can clean 15lbs. I can clean and press 10lbs.. (that's what she's doing with 44lbs) I took another one on one class and then decided it was time to join the group. Turns out I don't do so hot in groups. I've pretty much figured out that women undercut each other.. we set each other up for failure.. it sucks (case in point: little miss "did she get her boobs done?" comment in the video above) Now, everyone was perfectly nice. No one was obviously pissing in the corners.. but.. there was this one woman who gave me the hairy eyeball. She was a tiny little thing but she could really move that iron. Seriously lifting heavy. We were asked to get three size kettlebells, light, medium and heavy.. for our skill level. I took an 8, 15 and 20. So we are cruising along through class and there was an exercise where we pair up.. whatever.. I paired up with someone and when I got back to my spot, my 20lb was missing. Thought that was weird.. how did I lose a 20lb ball of iron? Fortunately I didn't need it again (cuz I was tired). The last thing we do is a 2 minute two handed swing.. swing as much as you can with the heaviest weight you have.. I was tired so I grabbed the 15.. only to hear the woman who gave me the hairy eyeball say "Hey! do you want your 20lb back?" WTF? It's not like I had the only 20lb bell in the room.. there were at least 5 more up against the wall that no one was using. Why did she have to take mine? Because I was the "newbie".. because she was claiming this space as "hers". .. because it was obvious that she was trying very had to be "teacher favorite" and she didn't like the new girl coming in and possibly threatening that. Sheesh. Do I think she did it consciously? probably not.. but do I think her intentions were obvious? She might as well have literally pissed in the corner and yelled "MINE!" Well she may have gotten her wish because I pretty much decided that it wasn't worth it for me to rush home, eat something fast, rush to training and train for only 45 minutes to rush home again. So I bought a bell of my own. I can do this by myself and not have to deal with the BS.

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