This is getting old
Six months ago we had Roto Rooter here to snake the main line since the basement sink was backing up. 3 days before the warranty expires and we get a ton of rain. Guess who's basement is slowly flooding? You guessed it. So fortunately, we had those 3 days.. I'm home from work while he is here snaking the drains again. I think come Spring we will be paying a REAL plumber to check out our plumbing system. The toilet gurgles when it flushes and the plumbing is very old. This ain't gonna be cheap but this whole thing is really getting on my nerves. As I sit here listening to the whiiiiirrrrrrr of the mechanical snake, I'm realizing that I know more about the sewer system than I would like. Also, I really need to pee. (and yet I keep drinking more coffee.. what is up with that?) The other thing that is getting old is knitting on this Somewhat Cowl. It's not that I don't love the pattern.. I totally do, but this is the biggest project I've ever knit.. and it goes on and on and on. Well, actually, I did knit a shawl, but it was interesting enough to keep me.. well, interested.. this ribbing is killing me. Sigh. Well, I'm going to trek downstairs and see how the Roto Rooter guy is making out.. hoping the water level in the basement is greatly reduced!

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