Five Food Finds Under $50
I have half a post all typed up about how Roto Rooter tried to ream me instead of my main sewer line.. but ..  I don't wanna finish it.. it's all about negativity and bleh and the lack of integrity etc etc... let's just leave it at I hope to hell that all the tree roots are finally taken care of and I don't have to deal with crap (literally) in my basement ever again.  Instead, in the spirit of the Holiday Season, I give you my favorite 5 Things under $50.00.. (Many are much much less than $50.00)  You know, in case you need a last minute something. They are all something to ingest... because that is the kind of gal that I am. The are in order from highest price to lowest.  Number Five for $35.95 Oscar's Variety Pack of Smokehouse Awesomeness: We ordered this for our holiday meal. It includes: 
Oscar's Variety Pack
5-6 lb. hickory smoked 1/2 boneless ham 1 lb. of lean tender maple bacon 1 bacon cheese spread 7 oz. 1 smoked cheddar cheese bar 8 oz. 
So far, we've saved everything but the bacon. Yes, we had bacon.. How can you resist bacon? (Just ask Kristi... bacon is meant to be eaten with gusto.) I tossed some bacon into a frying pan and the fantastic smell that drifted up almost knocked my socks off. It reminded me of cooking bacon over a campfire, something we did often as kids while camping. And this bacon hardly shrunk at all. Sweet, salty and meaty. I'll never by bacon from the grocery store again.  Number Four: 8 for $22.00 (or 4 for $11.00) Bouboulettes from Un Petit Morceau are the most intriguing little morsels I've ever had. I'm exceptionally fussy about baked goods.. ok, I'm a baked good snob. I fancy myself a bit of an amateur pastry chef since I tucked a few classes under my belt. You would just die if you had my chocolate espresso cake. Seriously. I've killed people with that thing. (ok not for real, but people have said they have died and gone to heaven.. it's that good) 
Un Petit Morceau was founded by Nana Vistor (yes, the Star Trek one) and the original four come in the following flavors: 
Chocolate Cherry Chipotle– A shortbread-like cookie combined with the subtle flavors of dried cherries and chipotle pepper. It is filled with a moist cherry merlot center, then dipped in fine Belgian chocolate. Ginger Rosemary – Laced with a hint of rosemary, then filled with a moist, sweet ginger center and finished with course sugar crystals. Lavender Plum – A delicate blend of lavender and earl grey tea filled with a rich plum center, then glazed with white chocolate. Lemon Basil – Introduces the touch of fresh basil filled with a moist, very lemon center, then finished with a flourish of green 
They have some yummy flavors for the holidays too. We haven't cracked into that box yet. We have ordered so many of these that they cut us off ... really. They said we needed to "take a break". Evidently we are a smidge clingy.  Number Three: for $19.99 Sweet Riot Cocoa Nibs Happy Happy Merry Merry Three pack I discovered these little gems at the NYC Chocolate Show this past year.. where I (gasp!) spoke to François Payard (ok.. he handed me my change and said "here you go". But it counts!)  Errr.. ok.. back to Sweet Riot. 
Sweet Riot Cocoa Nibs
I brought home Flavor 70, which is 70% cacao chocolate and espresso coated cocoa nibs. Major chocolate flavor.. itty bitty calorie count. The three pack includes a tin of Flavor 50 (50% cacao), Flavor 65 (65% cacao.. are you sensing a theme?) and Flavor 70. Very nom for the chocolate lover counting calories.  Easy to toss in a bag for mobile chocolate craving smashing.  Number Two: for $15.00 A six pack of Betties Cupcakes
Dee Dee
Readers, you need to be local for these. Sorry. We got hooked on Bettie's Cupcakes when her double decker pink cupcake bus when it was parked in our neighborhood. Bettie has standard flavors like chocolate with vanilla icing etc but also, every week has three limited run flavors. My favorite, so far was the Key Lime Pie. Bettie has the cupcakery cafe in Saratoga Springs, NY and a temporary location in Colonie Center, in Albany, NY. If you want to know where Dee Dee (the pink bus) and Cee Cee (the white truck) are you need to follow Bettie on Twitter   Number one: for $15.00 YIKES! Awesome Seasoning Blend  I found Yikes at the NYS Sheep and Wool Festival. You get a GIANT tub (ok, it's a pint) for $15.00 and this stuff truly is awesome. I have no idea what is in it, but it provides heat without sacrificing flavor.
Yikes! It's Awesome
Our favorite way to use this is on steak.. sprinkle both sides and grill to perfection. It's also very very good on chicken. You could even make a dip out of this stuff. Anywhere you need a spicy seasoning blend. I've made roasted chickpeas with it too.  Lasts forever...  makes Awesome Food So there you have it folks, My Five Food Finds under $50.00 Eat, Snack and Be Merry. Happy Holidays!

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