Screw the Draft, Man
No seriously.. I have about 6 draft posts started and by the time I get back to them I forget what my point was. Crazy man.. crazy. So here is a summary of what's up lately, because evidently I can't finish a thought.
  • I'm not training enough. AGAIN. What the heck is up with me? Went to class on Tuesday.  Rusty.. big time. I need to figure out why I go on these "I don't wanna" jags of non-training.
  • Last year, almost to the day, I posted about starting the South Beach Diet and I'm happy to report that after a year, I've lost about 25 lbs.  It was 30 at one point but the holidays got the best of me.
  • I posted more kick ass recipes than blog posts in that time.
  • I made my very first sweater.. ya, for real
  • I also managed to knit one sock substantially larger than the other .. and I'm not talking just in length.. you would think I used an entirely different needle size (and I didn't. I checked)
  • I found some really fun local blogs that I've been reading pretty consistantly.. mostly. .. you know, while I've been ignoring my own.
  • I fell off the diet wagon around November and just kicked myself back into gear
  • 2010 didn't suck too bad.  One of my dogs was sick with some mysterious illness from April until November and it totally stressed us all out.  Oh, yah and the credit card is screaming from the vet bills. Our plumbing backed up twice (ew) and I got in a car accident that totalled my car, but the beast is well again, the plumbing damn well better be  is fixed and although I hate the car payment, I have a car I'd never have been able to afford if not for that settlement from the insurance company
  • oh.. so re: above.  Silver lining and all that.
  • I discovered Roller Derby.  It looks like fun.  If I had time or any ability to stick with anything, I'd consider becoming a roller girl (never mind I've not been on roller skates in 20 years and I was never that good in the first place)
  • Also, kettlebells rock. I love them. I need to use them more.
I think that's it for now.

3 thoughts on “Screw the Draft, Man

  1. Thanks for the link! I fall into the “Draft Hell” too and am embarrassed to admit how many I have…And congrats on the weight loss! It’s so very hard sometimes.

    The Roller Derby looks like fun and if I could find the time I would totally consider doing it…but alas, there’s not much free time I’m willing to give up right now.

    1. Time.. I swear it’s amazing how quickly 9PM rolls around. I think I waste more time than I realize though.

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