It’s a foot thing
Since, at this moment I want to wallow in a bunch of blech that rose up and kinda pushed me into calling an actual therapist to sort out my messed up brain, I thought I'd try to post something remotely fun. So I give you.. my foot fetish.. (take that Google keywords!) Actually,  it's not a fetish really. More of a "I like to knit socks cuz they are small and quick and portable and I need fun shoes to show them off " thing.
One of my first!
My first sock
I would  occasionally post a sock pic or two on my Facebook page and my Twitter Feed.. because, well dammit I knit a sock and I'm proud of it! Everyone should see Teh Awesum!
Un Matchy Socks
Knitting socks was a very fun thing for me.  Still is actually. Then the madness began.  I knit more socks.. I posted more pics! Yay me!
Show Off Stranded Socks
I didn't even really care if the pic was lousy
Sunday Swing Socks
Fortunately, someone clued me into to taking the pic upside down by bending over and then flipping it with my photo editing software.. no more dirty mirrors! (heaven forbid I should clean a mirror)  My Facebook and Twitter feed started getting loaded up with pics of my feet. Then, well.. I figured might as well put those socks in some shoes! Shoes and socks are much more interesting than just socks.. right? sure.
Flutterby Socks
Yup.. took that sucker upside down and flipped it. Next, a series of snap shots I'd like to call "Socks: an Office View".
Thyme Socks
Flutterby Socks at the Office

This is when my brother made a Facebook comment that I might have a problem. I disagreed. Of course, now I needed new and better shoes to show off my socks. So every time I got a new pair of shoes, I had to post a picture!

New Shoes! Old Socks!
Then. Summer came.. Then... I bought these.
Poker Face Heels
And these
You will notice the absence of socks. Evidently this was no longer about sock knitting. LB suggested that I might have a problem. I disagreed. Summer over.. poof.  Fall's here. Yay! Around this time I had started really losing some weight.  Which meant my calf high boots were zippable again.  Must Share! Everyone must see mah sexy boots!
I'm... too sexy for my socks..
These boots (I kid you not) are 8 years old. Barely worn because of the progressive poofing of my calves. Boots! OMG! boots are in style!  Yay!  Bought Boots!
Still no socks showing
Ok, it's a crap pic.. sorry.. but .. get over it. You know what would go great with these boots and my new found love of Skinny Jeans?! LEGWARMERS! Yes!  I shall knit legwarmers!
Ack! not like that!

LB almost took my needles away.. fer sure. She was really worried about my mental health. (She may still suggest that I discuss this with the therapist-to-be).

She felt better when I explained that I wanted something more like these!

some cloudy day(not my legs.. not even my photo)

But! in the meantime,I finished these.

Jaywalkers.. with Flash!
OMG! shoes AND socks!
I hope you enjoyed this little peek into my feet.. er.. fetish.. er.. um.. Love of Socks and Shoes.

13 thoughts on “It’s a foot thing

  1. I love socks. But I HATE feet. I don’t mind pics of other people’s feet, in socks or shoes. Just don’t ask me to touch them. If your dirty socks are on the floor I WILL NOT pick them up.
    I don’t want others touching my feet. NO ONE! As they say, life is interesting!

    1. So, the question is, who does the sock laundry? I don’t like people touching my feet either.. so I get it.. once in karate class, we had to kick and have someone “catch and hold” your foot.. oof! that was a tough class!

      1. We each do our own! When I was in nursing school, my sons did their own laundry. I ‘mentioned’ to a friend (in front of hub) tha hub was only person in family who didn’t take care of their own clothes. Next thing I know he’s doing his own laundry. Works for me!

    1. hehehe.. thanks! I have gotten creative with my space.. I have one of those over the door shoe hangers.. some shoes you can get a pair in one slot!

  2. All my friends know that I’m, um, addicted to interesting socks. It’s so hard to find interesting, strange, unusual socks in the knee-high style that I prefer. What would you charge to knit me up some unusual, colorful and knee-high socks. I’m serious. I do not have any rainbow socks, and I feel like my life is not complete.

    I think Jim and Shel are wrong… you don’t have a problem. 🙂

      1. That’s cool. I’ve been selling my art for years, and I’m still pretty haphazard about pricing. Well, until this weekend. I created a FORMULA. It’s very geeky and it involves square roots and pi and other stuff that I can’t remember right now (thank gods I wrote it down, huh?). If nothing else, my prices will be consistent. Some will still say they are too low, but whatever. Affordable art is my mantra.

        Anyway, I have lots of socks, so no worry that I’ll run out or anything. I think I have enough socks to wear a clean pair every day and not have to do laundry for over a month. I don’t NEED any more socks. I just WANT some. 🙂

        Hi. My name is Kelly, and I’m an addict.

    1. Thanks Brie! I have a pair of ankle boots too.. I think cuz my pants cover the socks I didn’t think to take a pic!

      and I see you posted a Broiled Tilapia recipe.. must wander off to read!

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