Q: Why so few karate posts?
Q: Why so few karate posts? A: I'm lazy
Lazy.. just like this.
Seriously, that is the reason.  I have gone to karate a few times recently and have enjoyed myself but I have been very very lazy about going to class. This is nothing new. There seems to be an ongoing battle I have with myself.  It goes something like this. Self: Hey! karate tonight! Me: Yay.. um.. yah.. good. Self: come one.. you love it when you get there. Me: yah.. I know.. it's true.. but ....

(please chose one or more answers from below)

  1. Sitting at my desk all day busting my hump to get these files done has fried my brains
  2. Sitting at my desk all day bored out of my skull because I have nothing to doooooooo but surf the interwebs has fried my brains.
  3. I've been  going through a rough time lately and I just can't manage to get up the gumption
  4. I'm nursing this sore (knee, foot, back, neck) and I just need one more day to let it heal up a smidge more
  5. I'm fighting a cold.
  6. I'm feeling lazy and unmotivated.
Self: are you sure it's not just #6? Me: er... um... no... Self: So drag your lazy ass to karate. Just go! Me: Fuck off. What it boils down to is that I'm not being very nice to myself.  At all. If I were having this conversation with a classmate, I would encourage them to find the reason that they don't want to go when they obviously have fun when they are there.  Why prevent yourself from having fun?  Is it the same reason that you don't go anywhere? or do anything? is this is throwback from not being able to make friends as a kid? or your unwillingness to be in social situations? Me: hey Self! Self: yah? Me: Write this crap down for the therapist, mmmmkay? Self: Fuck off.. do it yourself Lazy Mc.Lazypants. Me: hrrrmmm... (it's at this moment that I wish that I could draw funny little cartoons like Allie because the pictures in my head are damn funny...  uh.. should probably write that bit down too.)

7 thoughts on “Q: Why so few karate posts?

    1. you are totally correct. I *always* feel good afterward.. there is just some weird thing in my brain that helps me forget that.

      PS thanks for the comment..

  1. I have this exact same conversationwith myself about going to the gym. It could really be any of those things – but really, it’s number 6. *sigh* I bet we’ll both be back to ourselves soon. 🙂

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