Yadda Yadda Kata
Well I went to karate last night. (yay me!) I was kind of a mess. This happens when you slack off. I'm a green belt (I think 4th kyu.. I know that's silly that I'm not 100% sure.. ) which means I've learned and tested for all of the Heian Kata .    A Kata is series of movements and techniques and are meant, among other things, to demonstrate your understanding of these techniques and their application (Bunkai). This means that I have learned five separate kata and am currently working on Tekki Shodan, so that's six. Tekki Shodan is easy to remember as distinctive because it starts very differently than any of the Heian Katas. Problem is, with the the Heian Katas, all but one start out to the left in back stance but with different arms.
This is me getting instruction on Heian.. um.. something
I can't for the life of me remember which kata is which.  If Sensei were to ask me to get up by myself and do  Heian Godan, I would be like all "whut?". This is bad.  Seriously.  Sensei might as well ask me to do Yadda Yadda Yadda..  because I've got a total brain fart when it comes to which is which.  Once I get rolling, it's not too bad, but of course since I've started off poorly, my confidence is shot. I can't seem to remember where to put my hands.. is it a block and a punch?  Two fists overhead in a block?  Is it a slow movement or a fast movement.

Heck.. it might as well be jazz hands

This would probably be frowned upon
A wise man said
If you have hardwood floors in your house, you know that you must sweep them daily or else dust will accumulate and they will lose their shine.
Yah, I'm a little dusty. I just need to practice more. Lots lots more.

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  1. @kicknknit Kata memory loss – snap. Recently we do one kata, then another (seemingly at random). Takes me 5 – 10 secs to think which it is.

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