Evidently, this hair looks good on me.

Today, I wore my hair spikey.. like I’ve been doing for almost two months.. evidently, it’s reached a point where it’s noticeable since the past few days I’ve gotten a ton of compliments on it. Maybe because I dyed it red? Either way, I’m getting attention for it.

Then, today I had this conversation.

Coworker: GIRRRL! damn! look at that hair! that shit is TIGHT!

Me: That means it’s good right? (I am soooo not cool)

Coworker: Yah Baby!  oooo lookit that!

Me: You want to touch it don’t you? I can tell.. go ahead.

Coworker: oh yah?! (wanders over to my desk and pats the back of my head) Girl that shit is TIGHT.. lookin good momma.. whatchu wearin?  Those are some FINE jeans.. you lookin REAL good.

Me: thanks..

(for the record, I’m wearing skinny jeans, brown boots, a long cream colored turtleneck and a cowl neck sweater. It’s casual Friday but I’m still ok to meet clients.. it’s not like I’m all hookered up or anything)

Coworker:  damn.. you know what?  If I didn’t like dick I would tear your ass UP! Your woman bettah put a GPS on you or somethin.

Ok now, I want to clarify that I really like this person. We are buds.. she’s not some random person hitting on me.. and yes she does talk like that..

I have worn this outfit before but with different shoes so it’s not like it’s new. I just chalked it up to my bud paying attention today (we work in different departments).  But then later I heard from someone else “you look really great today!”..

You know what I think it is?  I’m feeling pretty good about myself.  I feel like I look good in that outfit and I knew those boots just sent it over the edge.  I was walking tall and with confidence.   That seemed to have made all the difference.

What do you have in your wardrobe that you always feel confident wearing?