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Since I'm evidently back into this blogging thing, I've take a little time to think about what I want to include here. Obviously, karate and knitting stuff.. but if you notice the tagline, I've also mentioned "Food and Fun". I've gotten some recipes up and some of them are modifications of free ones I've found online or in print (like my newspaper).  Most of these I've modified enough that I feel like it's a new recipe. Most of the time I have changed/added ingredients and modified the cooking method.   (by the way, did you know that recipes have some really funky rules when it come to copyright?)  But some things that I make on a regular basis are really just a tweak here and there.   Morally, I don't feel right posting them here completely if all I'm changing is the quantity of a spice.  Which does happen often. With that in mind, I'll be devising a new category called "Recipe Hacks".   The "recipe" will include a link to the recipe source and notes on how I've modified it to make it suit my kitchen. Sometimes it's modifying it to use frozen veggies. Sometimes, I just can't stomach that much cayenne. The other food thing I'm thinking about is product reviews. There are some things that I've stumbled upon that I feel the need to tell the world about because they are full of awesome like these Humbles Chips (which I ordered by the case.. that's right I totally did that). My only hang up is if I want to limit myself to just products.. or include local restaurants as well. As far as "fun" goes.. one of the things I want to work on is reminding myself to get the hell out there and have fun.  Tomorrow, I'm going cross country skiing for the first time in something like 9 years.  I took Krista's advice to heart, specifically:
guard your sleep and your playtime like a starving dog guards a steak.
So, hopefully there will be more and more posts about me having fun.

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  1. I love the new ideas and thanks for the Copyright link. Since I don’t do recipes mostly, when I publish something I’ve cooked it’s not an issue, but I’m also one that doesn’t tend to share recipes. Mostly because I wing it. Oooh. I feel a blog post coming on!

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