Adventures on Fiberglass Sticks
I know it's been,what.. a week since a blog post?  Something like that.. It's been an interesting week. Instead of focusing on the crap that happened all week long at my job (I got screamed at by an attorney.. that NEVER happens..  it was ugly.. and it wasn't my fault.. and he apologized.  And after the week that HE had, let me tell you, mine looked tame) ahem.. where was I? oh right.. instead of focusing on the crap that happened all week, I'm going to tell you about my adventures on fiberglass sticks. I went cross country skiing for the first time in 10 years. I'll let that soak in for a minute. Yes, 10 years.  My skis have been in the attic along with my boots (which, turns out, were slowly rotting away all this time) and I finally decided that since all this snow was just stressing me out, I was going to shift my focus and throw myself into the fun of it. I dug out the skis, and boots and poles.. and along they way, I found my ski leggings.  I laughed when I looked at them because I thought HA! they aren't going to fit.. no way.. it'll be sweatpants over long undies. They fit.  Srsly.  I was over the moon.  There was much gleeful dancing around the house. I gathered any number of gloves, hats, headbands, coats, jackets, socks etc and ended up bringing it all with me.. because I had no idea if I was going to be too warm, not warm enough etc etc. I hopped in the car Sunday morning  and made my way up North  to Lapland Lake, where I used to ski every weekend for years..The drive was about an hour and a half long, most of which was smooth sailing. Things got a bit dicey when I got to Benson Road, which sort of plowed.. mostly.. kinda.  But I made it through just fine. When I turned into Lapland Lake.. well.. I don't have the words.. I forgot how wonderful it was to be up there.  And since it was Superbowl Sunday, the place was pretty empty.
The view from my car
Aren't those trees amazing!? The first thing I did after parking was head to the lodge.
The Lodge
It was a long drive and I had a lot of coffee.. you get the idea. It was nice to see that some things haven't changed. This sign is still in the ladies room:
It says "While you are sitting on your laurels, why not consider a lesson? You'll look so much better standing up instead of sitting down"
It never fails to give me a chuckle. It was such a beautiful day!  I headed up to the snack bar to grab some free wifi to check in and let LB know that I made it okay.  There is no cell phone service up there.. but who cares!? It was beautiful out! I was so excited!  I got back to my car crammed my boots on my feet and got out my skis.
Look! they match my truck!
I really wish I could have taken my camera with me on some of the trails. I was afraid I would fall and break it. And I did fall.  I fell a lot. The first tumble I took was a good one too!  Cross country skiing on groomed trails is pretty easy but there are hills..  and some are bendy.  But I did okay. I only faceplanted once.
It's like GORP.. but um.. not.
I took a break around 12:30 and grabbed a snack. I brought some cashews and cranberries from home.  Very yummy and really good for quick carbs but also staying power. I slammed some water and headed back out.  I watched a kid about 5 years old try to get up a hill  and the poor guy kept sliding backwards.  That duck walk is hard to get the hang of if you are little.  Heck at that age you are lucky you know where your feet actually are, much less how to move them with skis on them. After a bit, I remember the trick to going down a curvy hill.  Butt over your heels.. steer with your hips... it was my mantra for most of the day. Over the course of the afternoon, I figure I skied about 9km. That's about 5 miles or so.  I felt great! (ok.. my hips were yelling at me). I took my ski boots off at the car and was a bit appalled at what I saw. With all the flexing of my ankles, all of the black nylon coating had worn off and I blew out the back! there was foam just hanging out there.  I guess 10 years in an attic is not good for them. Very glad that they didn't fall apart on me while I was out on the trails. I wandered over the the restaurant and grabbed a little protein for the ride home.  It was going to be a long one.  There was chili and hot dogs and a Finnish platter with fish and some other stuff.. but I got the Finnish Meatballs.  They were loaded with grease and onions.. they were perfect.
Finnish meatballs. I don't know what is up with the orange
I had such a great time.  Even though I evidently did something to my neck because on Monday morning I couldn't move my head to the left without wanting to scream. I must have given myself whiplash on one of those falls. Today, before grocery shopping, we went out to Adirondack Paddle n Pole and I got a new pair of boots. They were very helpful there! The boots I got don't exactly go with the bindings that I have but they do lock in nicely.  They guys there were great at helping me find a pair of boots I can use. I can't wait to break them in! In fact, I'm headed back up North tomorrow.

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