Hobby Lobby can suck it

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So, LB sent me a text this morning that she heard a new craft store opened up locally. This must be big news for her to hear about it since she’s really not into crafting like I am.

Then I remembered that yesterday I was in Joann Fabrics and I overheard someone mention Hobby Lobby.  At the time I didn’t think anything of it, but after LB’s text I thought “huh.. I wonder if it’s Hobby Lobby”

Long have I heard from fellow Ravelers and online friends from other places around the country that Hobby Lobby had some really great yarns at affordable prices, especially since they have their own line of stuff.  I’ve actually fondled some “I Love This Wool” when a friend brought some in from out of town and I thought it was nice for the price.

Now, currently, we are striving to not buy anything that isn’t really necessary.  Too much money has been flying out the door without much to show for it lately.  So I told LB that I would go check it out but I wasn’t bringing any money with me.  Easier to resist temptation if the cash stays home.

Since I post everything on Ravelry, I started this thread this morning :

I just heard that a Hobby Lobby opened up in a plaza that is a 20 minute drive from my house.

I am currently on a yarn diet (necessitated by not having the cash.. meh)

Tell me what awesomeness I can expect when the dread moratorium is lifted.. I would love to know what I have to look forward to.

I got some lovely responses about the yarn and the selection etc etc.. all these things you would expect from fellow fiber freaks like myself.

Then someone mentioned this little factoid:

Also, so you know, Hobby Lobby is NOT open on Sundays. It’s corporate policy.

Did you hear that sound?  Yah, that’s the warning bell going off.

A caveat: I don’t give a rats patootie what Religion you follow or what your faith is. Really, I don’t…  Just don’t be an asshat and we’re cool.  Seriously.  I spent too much time trying to get my head around things that don’t compute and I finally just said “eh.. to each their own”.  After all, people think I’m bonkers because I talk to dead people.. whatev.

But closing on Sunday?  I smell some thinly veiled fanaticism which usually might just mean there some of that “you are going to hell if you don’t toe the line” kinda crap floating around.

So I poked around… and YUP.. there it was.

Hobby Lobby Partners with organizations working to share the Good News of Jesus Christ to all the world .

blerg… um… okay.   Okay fine.. spread whatever you want.. just keep it away from my house.

And then.. I saw this (click to embiggen)

Alliance Defense Fund = Teh Gays are Ruining Everything

A quote from the Alliance Defense Funds’s website

The homosexual legal agenda is one of the greatest threats to religious freedom in America today. For decades, radical activists, led by the American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) and its allies, have tried to divorce America from its Christian heritage and values

Evidently, it’s only religious freedom if it applies to THEIR religion.   Everyone else needs to STFU.

Now, I realize that there are a lot of people out there who believe that marriage is between a man and a woman.. fine.   And there are people who believe that the United States was founded on Christian principals, I don’t care.  But until there is a law that states I need to subscribe to all tenets of the Christian Church, you all need to keep your nose out of my bedroom. Believe what you want, but stop butting into my life.  I’m not hurting you.  Stop trying to hurt me.

Hobby Lobby is not getting one single dollar from me. Ever.  I have built a life with my partner of the past 10 years.   None of the “automatic” protections that married persons get are there for us.  And there are a lot.  1,324 to be exact.

Do yourself a favor. Research before you buy.  You never know what mad crazy thing you are feeding.  Take a few minutes and poke around a company website. See who they support. Do you want your dollars going there?  It’s a small thing but in the long run, it might not be that small.

(oh and incidentally, the Human Rights Campaign has a great rating system for companies and workplace diversity.)