The Bees Knees
Lots to go yet
So I got this brilliant idea that I wanted to knit a pair of knee socks. I have no idea why. I mean, lets face it. I'm 38 and I work in a conservative business office. Also? I'm 38. Ah fuck it.. I'll figure out someplace to wear them. I fell in love with this colorway last year.  It's called "Brach's Candy. I can totally see it.  They remind me of those coconut Neapolitan candies.. you know the ones that were in bins in the grocery store?  Back when Brach's had a display. Damn I loved those candies. I remember walking by those bins and thinking that if it wasn't for my fear of getting caught, I would totally nick one of those and pop it in my pocket.  I actually watched, dumbfounded, as another kid did exactly that. I kept waiting for the lightning bolt to strike him dead. Never happened.  I still never took one though. When I saw this yarn, I totally had to have it.
Mmmm... YUMMY!
HAD TO HAVE IT, I SAY!  *ahem* When it arrived, I hugged it and squeezed it and pat it and pet it and rubbed it and caressed it and  and called it George. And then stuck it in the stash bin with all the other gotta haves. When March rolled around and I needed to make something for the Old School Sock Knitters KAL and I cast on for three different things and none of them really appealed.. so I dug through the stash and found this yarn. It wanted to be knee socks. So with only a month to make them, I decided to cast on and go for it. They are gonna be so awesome. If I don't fold the cuff over, they go over the knee!
Only the toe left!
I really do have a plan for how to wear them.. I'm thinking maybe a jean skirt that covers just the tops and wear them like tights.
One Down.. one to go
The pattern is Long Socks By DROPS Design (Ravelry Link)   (DROPS link to pattern).  The original pattern is not in English and the translation confused me a smidge.  So basically, I made up my own way of reducing stitches for the ribbing and also did my own heel, foot and toe.

3 thoughts on “The Bees Knees

  1. I’m 52 (way closer to 53), and wear knee socks every single day. Is that weird? If you made bright funky knees socks, you could sell them on Etsy and I’d buy them. Or we could do lunch and exchange socks for money; I’m cool with that, too. 🙂 Hint: I have plenty of green and blue socks, but am sorely lacking in reds and purples.

  2. Nah. Knitting the scarves was ok, but if I’m going to keep my hands busy doing stuff, I’d rather be painting or doodling. Knitting and crocheting are fun… but they don’t get me obsessed like other art forms do. 🙂

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