Day Four: March 19


Breakfast:  one fried egg on whole grain english muffin, cheddar cheese and a slice of canadian bacon. A smidge of mayo.

Snack: um..nothing.. I had breakfast at 11:00 AM

Lunch: We had lunch at Biryani. Many off plan things were eaten.

Snack: Still stuffed from lunch.  Had some coffee

Dinner: Left over sloppy joes.

Snack: to be updated


2 x 8 (each side) Rack squat. 20lb bell

1×8 (each side) Rack squat 10lb bell

1×10 each side bent over row 20lb bell

2×10 each side bent over row 10lb bell

2x 15 tricep press 10lb bell

1×8 Double arm high pull 10lb bell

1×8 double arm high pull 20lb bell

3×10 each side Russian twist 10lb bell

[tally_graph key=”weight” tally_interval=”day” interval_count=”5″ cht=”lc” method=”track” chtt=”Weight Tracker”]