Day Five: March 20
Food: Breakfast: one fried egg with a slice of American cheese and one slice of Canadian bacon on a whole grain english muffin Snack: none.. busy cleaning the house Lunch: Big ass salad.  Mixed greens, spinach, c hickpeas, chicken, cucumbers, red pepper, eh, I don't remember what else.  It was a big ass salad. Snack: a Few spoonfuls of the Hummus I made Dinner: I roasted a chicken and made "French Onions" side dish.  It sucked.  Don't do it. Snack: eh.. I'm having some tea and a handful of nuts Exercise: I moved some furniture and swept under it.  That counts. [tally_graph key="weight" tally_interval="day" interval_count="6" cht="lc" method="track" chtt="Weight Tracker"]

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