Day Six: March 21

Breakfast: Egg scramble with turkey bacon, spinach feta, onions peppers

Snack: two wheels of babybel cheese and a packet of nuts

Lunch: Big ass Salad

Snack: Hummus with red pepper strips

Dinner: Middle Eastern Shrimp

Snack: time for the Ricotta dessert I think


3×8 Double Hand Squat 20lb bell
3×8 Torso circles 20lb bell
3×10 Romanian Deadlifts 20lb bell
3×5 Squat/stand figure 8 20lb bell
2×6 (each side) plank row pass on knees 10lb bell

[tally_graph key=”weight” tally_interval=”day” interval_count=”6″ cht=”lc” method=”track” chtt=”Weight Tracker”]

See that spike? It’s only a pound.. seriously.. but it looks like a lot.  I had way to much salt and too many off plan foods over the weekend.