Day Seven: March 22
Food: Breakfast: Egg scramble Snack: Red pepper strips and hummus Lunch: left over Middle Eastern Shrimp Snack: Chocolate Ricotta Cream Snack: Small salad with cucumbers and mushrooms Snack: packet of nuts OMG I'm STARVING today. Drinking lots of water too..  Snack: (yes again) two wheels of babybel cheese and cashew butter Dinner: turkey chili Snack (I was still hungry!) : The blasted mug cake..  [tally_graph key="weight" tally_interval="day" interval_count="7" cht="lc" method="track" chtt="Weight Tracker"]

2 thoughts on “Day Seven: March 22

    1. It was definatly different. I’d call it more like a steamed pudding. I’m thinking that I need to come up with a low sugar version of it.. and I split it with LB. It was too much for me to finish.

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