Day Nine: March 24
Food: Breakfast: Egg Scramble Snack: Cashew Butter and a banana
Day Nine: Reboot
Lunch: left over Sausage Escarole and White Beans Snack: Texas Caviar Dinner: Pan fried pork chops in balsamic glaze and garlic asparagus Snack: To be updated Exercise: I should do something tonight.. but my joints are still pretty achy.  I'm going to chalk that up to hormones because my weight is up as well.   We'll see what happens. I'm going skiing this weekend so I need to take it easy so I can actually ski when I get up North. [tally_graph key="weight" tally_interval="day" interval_count="9" cht="lc" method="track" chtt="Weight Tracker"]

3 thoughts on “Day Nine: March 24

  1. try some nice warm yoga! I have arthritis and when I’m all achy from overdoing it the yoga really helps. or maybe just have a nice bath?

    1. I’ve tried yoga a few times.. I’ve discovered that I just don’t like it. I’ll probably be stretching tonight at least, though.

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