I have no idea what day it is
No Idea.. srsly
I really have no idea what day it is on my personal challenge.  That's a smidgy bit of a fail. Oh well. I know that I didn't meet my goals but honestly, I'm looking at this as an exercise in relearning how to set goals I'm currently reading a book called The Rules of "Normal Eating" which is kind of a cognitive therapy kind of book. One passage that jumped out at me
... if you have problems determining whether you're satisfied or full, you may also experience similar difficulties with the concept of enough in other areas.   With both intimates and strangers alike, you may find yourself alternately giving too much or too little.  You may not know when to stop working or how to take adequate time for yourself.  You may deprive yourself of essential things while overdoing it on nonessentials...
That last sentence? About depriving yourself of essential things while overdoing it on nonessentials? Hello.. Facebook, Twitter, Ravelry, etc etc etc.. I kill a lot of time on these.. while my house does not get picked up.. or I'm annoyed if I need to do something that is essential to improving my own quality of life. Lots to think about.. I'm actually considering that April's challenge will be more of a "who are you and what are you doing here" kind of thing. Cute~Ella is doing a 30 days of me kind of thing.. I thought it might be insightful.  I know it's not technically a fitness challenge but maybe it is..  mental fitness, which I think plays a huge roll in how we succeed in other things.

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