Day One: A recent picture and 15 interesting facts
So, already I'm learning a bit of my own negative self talk.  My first thought was "15 interesting things about me?  I don't have that many interesting things about me.. ". Sheesh. Ok.. here goes.. first my recent pic:

This is me on the trail to Honka Tie at Lapland Lake. Honka Tie is one of the intermediate trails. It was super fast skiing day because the trails were icy and I was a bit apprehensive because the trails were FAST that day.   I'm just getting back into skiing.. (oh wait.. let's start the list)

  1. I have an irrational fear of falling down and hurting myself.  This has kept me from trying, among other things,  Roller Derby.
  2. I really only want to try Roller Derby because I want to wear the hot sexy outfits. Where else can you wear pink hot pants and torn fishnets while whipping around on skate and intentionally crashing into each other.  Considering my level of coordination, this is the perfect sport for me.. except for, well that falling down thing.
  3. On occasion, (and not as much as I should.. for some reason my heart isn't in it lately) I train in Shotokan Karate.  I'm currently a green belt.  One more test and I get to wear a brown belt.
  4. After not getting on skis in 10 years, I decided that with all the snowfall this year, it was time to get back on the the trails. I only cross country ski.   The thought of riding a ski lift and plummeting to my death scares the crap out of me.  Even though I still fall on cross country skis, you don't have that far to fall.. plus? there is snow to cushion your butt.
  5. Reading the above, you would think that I'm an intensely athletic person, but the truth is, I'm not.  I spent most of my high school years trying to figure out how to ditch gym class and keep my geeky 4.0 average.  Gym was  the ONLY reason I never got a 4.0.   Annoying.  I've always lived in my brain and ignored my body.   This was easier when I was younger because I was so high strung and nervous that I burned off every calorie I ever ate with nervous twitches and by dodging bullies.
  6. I graduated from cosmetology school, but never took my State Board Test.  After working on a temporary license for three months, I discovered that I don't like people enough to touch them on a regular basis
  7. I considered going to massage therapy school.. then I remembered #6
  8. I have been to college for acting, computer information systems, web design and culinary arts with a focus on pastry. I have degrees in none of those things but use all those skills in my real life.
  9. I'm considering going back to school for a degree in business administration. Why the hell not?
  10. In spite of feeling like I'm "okay" at things, people tell me that I pick up on new skills very quickly.  I always thought everyone was like that.  Things come naturally to me which makes it hard for me to stick with any formal education. I get boooooooored.
  11. This also means that when things don't come easy, I give up really quickly too.
  12. I talk with dead people, can read your aura, and tell your future.  Yes, really. Also? I can hear what your dog is saying.
  13. I was attuned to Reiki before Reiki was cool.  After working with it for 10 years or so I became a Reiki Master Teacher, but I don't teach anyone.  I just use it for my friends and family.
  14. I get annoyed by people who go from knowing almost nothing about Reiki to getting their Master Attunement in a weekend. It cheapens the experience for everyone.
  15. I came out at 28.  I didn't realize that I was queer for the longest time. I just thought everyone felt like I did. Also, technically, you could call me bisexual but since I've found the person I'm going to spend the rest of my life with and she happens to be a she, it's just easier to identify as lesbian.
Oh and one last thing.  Don't expect this 30 days thing to be timely.. it's not gonna happen. 🙂 EDIT: I cannot fix that stupid margin to save my life.  Eyes crossing.. will dig into CSS tomorrow.. or something.. sorry the numbers are all cut off

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