Sausage Bean Florentine Soup
Sausage Bean Florentine
I adore warm, comforting, easy to throw together soups.  I also love stocking my freezer.  Let's face it, cooking anything cuts into my Mario Kart time.  Sometimes, I just need a quick and hearty lunch or meal and yanking a quart of soup out of the freezer, especially one that is loaded with meat and beans is just plain awesome. You will find the amounts of ingredients kind of nebulous.  That's because soups, in my opinion, are really about what you like in them. I like hot and spicy and loaded full of goodies. Start by taking your sausage out of the casings (sidebar: I usually grab them in the middle, pinch and sort of smoosh it out each side...  sort of like milking a cow.. and no I'm not going to tell you how I know how to do that) and toss it in your stockpot .. which of course you have already heated up and added oil too... Keep up.. I ramble incoherently a lot.   Also chuck your garlic and onion in there.
Sausage and Garlic and Onions OH MY!
Mmm... porky goodness
Chop the frozen spinach.. and by chop I mean beat the crap out of it while it's in the bag.  Um.. don't thaw it first..
Chopping Frozen Spinach
Go ahead and dump that right in the pot there. Stir it up.
Frozen Spinach
oooh.. Frosty!
Pour in the chicken stock. Get the good stuff.
Store bought chicken stock: when you're too lazy to make your own
Also, when you get tired of waiting for that stock to glug out of there.. just stab it.
Finger placement not indicative of actual recommendation
Don't put your fingers like that okay? If I had an extra hand, you'd have a more accurate picture of how it should be done.. but alas, I only have two hands. Also? PHYSICS FOR THE WIN! *ahem* Rinse your beans.
Insert clever caption here
Add them to the pot. Add more stock if you think you need it. Heat your soup through and eat! Freeze leftovers.
This right here is why I need to buy Wonton Soup: Best freezer Containers EVAH!
Remember kids!
Recycling makes you Sexy!
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  1. The hole-in-the-wall Chinese take out around the corner from my house sells me those container 3/$1… just ask. Unless you really like wonton soup…

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