How to get ahold of egg shell bits

You know it happens..  You crack and egg and dammit, a tiny piece of egg shell goes for a swim.

So you go fishing..

First, you go for the delicate approach.. you ever so nicely and gently approach that itty bitty piece of shell like Casanova. You ever so softly dip you finger in and chase that rotten little piece of egg shell around for at least 5 minutes.

Then it’s all “Teenage Boy on Prom night”.. fumbling around.. grasping in desperation.. hoping pinching will work… but all you get for your efforts is sticky fingers.

When you see how simple this is, you will fall over.

Please observe:

DRAT! eggshells in my eggs!
The magic tool.. the eggshell itself!
Use the shell to quickly slip through the goo and capture that random piece

See the eggshell bit? it's sliding up the edge

Got that sucker!