You actually *can* have too much ice cream
I know.. blasphemy. Whatever. I had a wisdom tooth pulled on Wednesday. My dentist is Fantastic. Seriously, I adore him.. and I never thought I'd ever say that. But. he left a big gaping hole in my head and it feels weird and ouchy and I'm cranky about it. It had to happen. I'm not sorry I had that sucker yanked but DAMN. My "post operative" instructions as given to me by the hygienist began with "only soft cold foods like ice cream".. ...and the rest went something like "blah blah blah blah you can eat ice cream blah blah blah blah in fact you should totally eat lots of ice cream blah blah blah okay?" So I texted the spouse when I was done and I said "I need ice cream" and she said "okey dokey!" And because she is made of awesome, she brought me three kinds... the Holy Trinity of Ice Creams. Vanilla, chocolate and strawberry. For two days now, my "food" has been an occasional piece of bread (NOT toasted.. good gravy that would be INSANE) with butter, yogurt, and ice cream. LOTS of ice cream. I want to eat something firm... I want to rip into a big 'ol steak and chow down.. I want to dive into a turkey leg. I want to CHEW. ~sigh~ I'm actually tired of ice cream. My life will never be the same again.

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