Wierdest Spam Comments … ever
I think the spam bots are getting smarter.. they are *almost* submitting comments that *might* make sense. Askimet caught them all, but I like to look at them for the fun of it. Here are a few of my favs just from today: These comments on this post about banana "ice cream" sound almost reasonable:
Even better – peel AND slice the bannaas, makes it easier if you have a single serving blender. I have one of these every day but add in a cup or so of frozen spinach, which makes it look super green but (I promise!) doesn’t add any spinachy taste. Surefire way to prevent your kids from stealing it!
This is what I eat every day for lunch, except the baannas are warm on the counter, I omit the honey, and I add romaine lettuce to make it green and add goodness. Sometimes wheat germ or flax seed, too. It’s really all I want, though today I think I’ll have crepes and Nutella, too.
until we get to
I’m so glad I came to your meet up last night. Thanks for the free ice cream! Brambleberry crisp is my new favorite favlor. Love it! Looking forward to your next I heart cleveland meet up. Thanks again!
Although I do hear that Cleveland Rocks and we did pick up Miss ParmaQay from the parking lot of the Rock n Roll Hall of Fame 7 years ago, I can't say I've ever given away Ice Cream there..ooooh.. spammer got busted! On this photo from this post about finding old yarn in the attic and remembering why I bought it:
Bless your heart, all that puking and you STILL made it to the rally with a smile on your face.You fgoort to have some kind of contest to see which of your porn-bot followers could find the two typos in the video first. You could have given out like a pile of puked upon clothing or half a dry biscuit. hahaha I have had one of those store-bought biscuits, BTW. It’s like eating a hunk of the stuff they use to calk the bathtub with. Gross!Your Biggest Fan!Jeni
I think someone has eaten a little too much calk, yes? Yes, I think so. Here, have a dry biscuit.. I'll even slather on a little Rose Petal Jelly for you. But this one? This is the killer. On this picture :
.If my lungs ever heal, I could live with a kitty named Lesbian’. This is just so I can tell my mother I’ve moved in with a lbeisan and she falls over dead.Is that wrong?Tirz
A kitty named Lesbian. I bet that's one hell of a .... I can't.. I just can't go there.. I'll just leave that comment in my head for now... okay?

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