Bacon Making: In Pictures

I took a class on making bacon. I finally got my pork belly thawed and ready to cure.
I made up the cure using the recipe in the booklet I got in my From Scratch Club class

I had a hard time finding pork belly.  I ended up at Rolf’s Pork Store in Albany.  I recommend you go there
I paid $2.99 a pound…  and got a 14 pound belly

I promised Erika that I would shoot her a nipple shot.

This thing was HUGE

I trimmed it up and squared it off

I then portioned it into about 2.5 pound hunks

I broke out the seasonings. They are in order from left to right: Rosemary, thyme, sage, garlic and peppercorn; brown sugar and cinnamon; brown sugar; garlic, bay leaf and peppercorn

I coated them in the cure and then smushed in the seasonings.

These will sit for a week in my fridge until they are ready to roast.