There is a reason
There is a reason I keep sneaking my hands into my pits and sniffing them.. yes, I know.. TMI but it's for SCIENCE(ish) There are two people to blame for this: Erika and Jen. More on this later .. in about a week. Tonight! the real test.


Stay Tuned!

3 thoughts on “There is a reason

  1. I’ll be interested in your results. Years ago I tried a number of organic and natural deodorants but they just made me stink. I eventually accepted the fact that I was just too sweaty to not use horrible drugstore antiperspirants. Like Erika, I even use the Active Dry prescription stuff in the summers. For me it’s not just stench (and there’s a lot of it), but volume – I sweat a lot. But it sounds like Erika might be onto something. I may have to give her recipe a whirl.

    1. I have actually used natural products in the past. I used to use Tom’s of Maine until I busted out in a rash.. yippee.

      So far so good.. you do have to get used to being *damp*. I also found that you have a sort of adjustment period as your body gets used to being allowed to sweat again.

      Also, I’m using lavender oil.. and a bit of patchouli. And eventually I might dabble with adding shea butter or beeswax. We’ll see how this goes.

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