Let’s talk about pits, baby….
A few days ago, I commented that I was pit checking all day... and the reason was that I was testing out a new DIY project. Deodorant.  Yes, really. See, I've been using an antiperspirant for years and I know this isn't really good for the human body. I mean, we sweat for a reason, right?  Bodies are meant to sweat. It's part of the deal. And I really used to hate to sweat. When I was in High School, I dated this guy (yes, a guy.. shaddup) who said "Men Sweat. Girls Glisten". Nice right? except, not. Women (and girls) sweat, too. But to sweat was evidently not "feminine". Playing sports isn't "feminine" and I hated sports.. HATED IT. I was no good at sports.. I got sent to the Principal's office for not changing for gym class. I was awkward and clumsy and self conscious.. and omg. what if I sweat? People might notice?! I might get teased! How did I get over my fear of sweat? I learned to like sports. I learned to give up the societal idea of "feminine" and just do what I wanted to do.. and I wanted to hit things.
This was in the middle of summer.. in a barn. It was at least 90 degrees out.
This was in the middle of summer.. in a barn. It was at least 90 degrees out.
So I started training in karate.. and I sweat.. I sweat A LOT. When I started in karate, something like 5 years ago (I've not trained in a few years.. because of reasons) and I never equated the yellow stains in the pits of my gi to the aluminum in my antiperspirant. Oh how I fought to get that ick out of my nice white gi. Sigh.  Well at least I wasn't the only one. I have, in the past, tried to use natural products.  I used Tom's of Maine for a while, but something in it was causing a rash. I think it was arrowroot powder.  I'd love to tell you what it was but it seems that Tom's of Maine has sold out.   I don't see many natural ingredients left in it.    Evidently it's gotten worse since I stopped using it because I see people commenting that it's actually causing skin peeling. I like to make my own stuff when I can, but it never occurred to me that deodorant could be so simple.   I was inspired to seek out a DIY when I saw Jen Sinkler talk about Primal Pit Paste Primal Pit Paste reminded me of a post I saw.. ok .. I'm sorry.. I need a minute here.. . how AWESOME is the name "Primal Pit Paste"? I mean, way to really OWN what you make, amirite? So, yeah, that tweet reminded me of a post I saw on Erika's Blog (yes, that Erika of the famous Bacon Nipple Post) and I decided to whip some up. It works. It really works. It works after a day sweating at my desk because my office is always a hotbox. No Stink. It works after an hour of kicking ass at boxing and dripping. literally dripping with sweat.  No Stink. I even made poor LB shove her nose in the pit and sniff. Nothing. Nada. I even tried putting it on right after shaving to see if there was a burn that Crunchy Betty experienced.  I guess it was pretty awful. She says:
Holy mother of cheese. I woke up at 3:00 a.m. last night and felt like someone lit a burrito on fire in my armpit. Fell back asleep after writhing in pain for 20 minutes. Pain is gone now. Maybe it has something to do with applying the deodorant right after shaving?
I had a tiny bit of discomfort.. but not the flaming pits of doom referenced above. And that was probably the same level of discomfort I'd get from putting commercial antiperspirant on right after shaving, anyway. Today, I wore what I believe to be the ultimate test. A short sleeved black shirt. And lemme tell you, since it was 40 degrees out today, the heat was cranking like it was 20 below because that is how the stupid office heating system works. At 20 below? the AC comes on, I kid you not. Regardless. I was schvitzing like a mofo in my short sleeved shirt. And I was damp... because, hello, sweat.. but! no stink.. AND there was no white residue on my shirt. Now, your mileage may vary. I eat a pretty balanced diet. I drink a lot of water and I'm big on eating raw, probiotic foods so it does take a bit for me to get a little... fragrant. If I shower and skip any deodorant at all, it's about 8 hours before I notice any BO. But I'm also not pit checking, know what I mean? Either way. Once you get used to being damp (and if memory serves, the last time I switched from an antiperspirant to a deodorant the amount of actual sweat did seem to eventually decrease) this is actually pretty awesome stuff. Someone remind me to update this when it's the middle of summer, okay?

7 thoughts on “Let’s talk about pits, baby….

  1. What a great post. I need to try this. I sweat a lot in the summer, especially when working in the garden. I used to use a deodorant crystal, but I’ve not seen them lately.

    1. I never had good luck with those crystal things.. I’m excited to try different scents. I went easy on this one… lavendar and a touch of patchouli.. I LOVE patchouli but people around me don’t seem to.

  2. I also saw Ericka’s post and filed it back in my head for a future, but unknown day, when I’m brave enough to try this. That day may be coming closer…

  3. I just started a Deodorant experiment as well 🙂 It is a bit unnerving…I keep catching myself being the weird one in the office, sniffing their own pits, but my partner assures me i don’t stink…I’m a bit nervous about the summer, but it seems to be working so far 🙂 Love the blog!

  4. Thanks for coming by! Yeah, I was pit checking for about a week and now I’m all “whatevs”. It got me through boxing and yoga and skiing… it works!

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