Now I want a Rueben
So someone ordered lunch today and the deli made a mistake and sent an extra sandwich. (yes they called... and yes the deli said "keep it") It was a Rueben. Which is my all time favorite sandwich. Which is also no on the eating plan especially since I had bread AND macaroni yesterday. It was hard to say no to that you guys. But now I want a Rueben. So I'm gonna make myself work for it. I have sauerkraut going right now and it's fermenting up a storm. I have a brisket in the freezer that I can "corn" to make corned beef. I have an awesome sourdough Jewish Onion Rye recipe. I'll start the sour on the same day I put the brisket in the brine. I'll have to find a recipe for home made Russian Dressing and I'll have to buy the Swiss.. oh well. I'm going to make a Rueben as much as from scratch as possible.. cool, yes?

2 thoughts on “Now I want a Rueben

  1. OH gosh that sounds great! I’ve started being a huge proponent of “if you want to eat xyz and it’s not in the plan, you have to earn it Court” Sometimes earning it is running or swimming for it, sometimes I have to make it.

    It sounds delicious though.

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