Now I want a Rueben

So someone ordered lunch today and the deli made a mistake and sent an extra sandwich. (yes they called… and yes the deli said “keep it”)

It was a Rueben.

Which is my all time favorite sandwich. Which is also no on the eating plan especially since I had bread AND macaroni yesterday.

It was hard to say no to that you guys.

But now I want a Rueben.

So I’m gonna make myself work for it.

I have sauerkraut going right now and it’s fermenting up a storm.
I have a brisket in the freezer that I can “corn” to make corned beef.
I have an awesome sourdough Jewish Onion Rye recipe. I’ll start the sour on the same day I put the brisket in the brine.

I’ll have to find a recipe for home made Russian Dressing and I’ll have to buy the Swiss.. oh well.

I’m going to make a Rueben as much as from scratch as possible.. cool, yes?