The Never Ending Afghan

It’s been a while since I posted anything about my adventures in crafting. It’s not like I haven’t been doing things….  I just haven’t written about them.

Two years ago, I decided to make an afghan.  LB said she wanted a rainbow one.. and I was happy to oblige.  My fall back craft when knitting is getting on my nerves, is to crochet.  My great-grandmother taught me when I was a very young girl.

So I picked out a pattern from Mosaic Magic : Afghans Made Easyand ended up with “Colorful Crayon”.

It’s a very interesting pattern and makes for a heavy fabric.

Just starting out on this with red and white.
Just starting out on this with red and white.

I worked on it for a while.

And then I put it away.. evidently for almost two years based on my Ravelry Notes.

When LB went off to visit family for a weekend in March, I felt compelled to haul it out again.


And I worked on it pretty diligently. I had actually hoped to finish it before the Supreme Court ruled on Hollingsworth v Perry

But that didn’t happen.

GreenHowever! We did get a ruling that now means my marriage is legal in the eyes of the Federal Government so YAY.

I’m currently working on the blue stripe. Only blue and purple left to go.. then the border. But..

I grow weary of it.. it’s SOOOO MONOTONOUS … and honestly?

It’s too fucking hot out to have a heavy afghan on my lap.

I’ll have it done before winter.. but it’s never ending… and HUGE.