Winner Winner Chicken Dinner… er.. wait…
So I'm late with the winner post. I'm sorry.. I know all  of you have been waiting to find out who won.   Since we had a few comments that were either by myself, the author (!), and Ninj who already has the book, I just assigned you all numbers as follows (and in order of comment)
  1. Ida
  2. Adoxy
  3. WrigsMac
  4. Jennifer
  5. Tracy
  6. lifelesssimplicity
  7. saltedplates
  8. Paula
  9. narf77
  10. Angela
  11. Candy
  12. Ashley
  13. Jon in Albany
I ran the random number generator and the winnah is....random saltedplates!  Congrats! You'll be getting an email from me requesting your mailing address to send you your copy of True Brews!  

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