Ablaze with Taste and Goodness: a review of Bhuja Snacks
I work in an office.. and I'm an emotional eater.. which means when things get stressful (like every damn day) I reach for something.. anything to shove in my facehole. This has lead to a lot of unfortunate snacking incidents... and a bit of weight gain (ok..a lot of weight gain.. shaddup... it's been a rough year) I try to keep some healthier choices in my desk otherwise I end up going to the vending machine to get something and before you say "just leave your money home" the vending machine company at the office put in  machines that take debit/credit cards.. Like I said, it's been a rough year. I'm also trying to get back on the low carb wagon. I started adding wheat and grains back into my diet and... bad things happened. My joints ache.. I'm all puffy and... um... this: Everybody Farts Yeah... So, when I ran across Majans Bhuja Nut Mix in my local Price Chopper, I was eager to give it a try. It has all of the spice I like and no icky ingredients. Here's another plus for my gluten intolerant pals. It's made in a gluten free facility (in Australia.. so not exactly local)
Bhuja Nut Mix Ingredients: Nuts (Peanuts, Almond, Cashew) Multigrain noodles (Yellow peas, sunflower oil, rice, potato, tapioca, sesame seeds), green peas, sunflower oil, chickpeas, salt, natural spices (chillies, turmeric, cumin, coriander, paprika), sugar, citric acid
Ok, so it's also not exactly low carb. 5g of carbohydrates per serving, but also 5g of protein so I'm going to call this WAY fucking better than the Snickers bar that is usually calling my name.
This stuff is fantastic, you guys
Here is the Bhuja mix hanging out on my desk. I get two monitors.. neener neener neener.
What I love about this mix is that it has just enough heat to kick out my super sugar cravings and just enough crunch to make me feel like I ate something.


Bhuja makes a few different flavors and varieties. So far, I've tried the Original Mix and the Crunchy Seasoned Peas and I think of all three I like the peas the best but they are hard to eat at work... the original mix is also really good but higher in carbs (12g)  so I'll probably be stocking up just the nut mix for my office schnacks

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