Puddle Cookies

We saw the folks for dinner tonight and my mom brought us some puddles that she baked. These cookies are made by spreading a batter that is kind of cake-like onto a sheet pan and then you drop 12 blobs of jam into the batter. Then it gets baked off, cut apart and then you top with powdered sugar. She made these with the strawberry fig jam I gave her a few weeks back.

These are one of my favorite cookies. Have you ever had puddles? What is your favorite cookie?

UPDATE 02/11/14– Wow, Marisa from Food In Jars included this post in her link round up yesterday. SO COOL!

For those of you who’ve asked, recipe is forthcoming. I snuck it out of my mom’s house like a thief a few years ago, copied it, and put it back… I suppose I could have asked for it but these cookies seemed to inspire the mischievous behavior of my youth. Of course, I’ve stashed it somewhere and now I need to find it again.

Also? I still can’t believe that the only person who knows about these cookies is the gal who grew up next door to me. I also cannot find ANY other reference on the web. Bizarre