Aloha, Judy
Sometimes, I get an idea and I will not let it go. Wanting to learn to play the ukulele was one of those things. Yes, I know.. hipster shmipster... shaddup already. See, when I was *cough* younger, I used to sing a lot.. like.. a lot.. and really really loved it.. and I've gotten out of the habit like big time. And, of course, I can sing along with my dulcimer but because it's a diatonic instrument, I'm often feeling constrained with what I can play. When I went to get some picks a few months ago, I saw a display of ukuleles at the Guitar Center and was kind of smitten by their cuteness. As Mel, says "Tiny things are cute". But I really didn't need ANOTHER instrument I barely practice so I talked myself out of it. Fast forward to two weeks ago and I got the Old Songs flyer about new instrument classes and lo and behold.. ukulele beginner classes. On a whim, I went shopping on my lunch. I put my hands on a few ukes over at Hilton Music and then took a quick drive to Guitar Center. I walked into the humidity controlled room and BANG
It was love at first sight
There she was... just waiting for me.
I picked her up.. and I did not want to let her go.. she was over my budget and did not come with a gig bag so I put her back down.. I picked up a few others that were in my budget but they just didn't feel right.. I had to have the shiny black one.. the shiny pretty black one with the mother of pearl inlay. So I bought her.
Isn't she pretty!?
I barely got her in the car before I took a pic.
I had yoga class after work so Judy had to come with me.  My yogi says "wow! she's so cute!!" and I'm like "I KNOW" and we both squeed and acted like giant dorks for a few  minutes. Why is she named Judy? Because the first song I goofed around with playing was "Somewhere Over the Rainbow".. however, since I can't actually sing that song in the key of C, and I only currently have been fooling around with the chords in the key of C, I pretty much just strum the chords for right now.   Also, not sharing that. I will share this however.. try not to laugh too hard at my total derpitude.

10 thoughts on “Aloha, Judy

  1. Jeni, my family has recently acquired a mini-schnauzer who is also so darn cute but constantly growls at me. The fact Judy does not do the same is a good sign! I look forward to reports on your prowess. I actually got a uke for my birthday last July (not a nice one like yours, just a serviceable one) but it has been languishing…

    P.S. Hi mom! You have a great and creative daughter.

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