My very own Tardis
I'm a bit of a Doctor Who geek.. not a huge Whovian. I mean, I can't quote episodes or remember which Doctor is which number and I don't really care for the original episodes. But I do love the idea of the Doctor. And as part of Stashdown 2014, I'm making a lot of shawls so of COURSE I need a few more shawl pins. I'm currently working on a Bacchus Shawl in blue. I got the yarn from Sheepy Time Knits in the "I Think You Call Me Sexy" colorway. The shawl isn't done yet but I'm getting there. (I had to frog the whole darn thing and start over!) So I was trolling etsy for shawl pins and stumbled upon this one, which I promptly bought even thought it won't work with my shawl project, it works beautifully with my Rainbow Tortuga
Handmade by Michelle's Assortment
Michelle made my pin and had it shipped to me in under two weeks. I'm really impressed with the quality of her work and am very happy with my purchase. She also has other geekery, if you are interested.... like a Mockingjay pin for Hunger Games fans, and this one of the Deathly Hallows for Harry Potter fans.

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