The Wolf’s 1-11 Burger
I love a good burger. I'm all about ground meat slapped on a nice roll. I've been riding an 11 day stretch of "clean eating". Gods, I hate that phrase.. I mean it's so... pretentious. But basically, I've been eating real food with real ingredients and keeping the grains, nuts and cheese at a minimum. I have also really been watching my portion control and the kitchen is CLOSED at 8PM. We've mostly been eating meals made at home, or made at restaurants with minimal ingredients. We had sushi one night and Saturday, I was jonesing really badly for something sweet, so we popped over to Bake For You. I got the white chocolate cranberry cookie and cut it in half. Half went in the freezer and half went in my mouth and it was delicious. Sunday, we had some errands to run and ended up over on Wolf Road. I needed another Spicestack Organizer and new pillows, and I needed a new pair of jeans  because my old ones were very old and I sort of.. um...  blew a seam on one pair.    We also needed to get a piece of foam for under the dog's bed.  FYI: Joann's will totally scan a coupon off your phone which is how we got 40% off. Anyway, after shopping we were both feeling a bit peckish and a burger sounded really good.  So I decided to indulge a little.  My goal was to eat only what I enjoyed and to not stuff myself like a lunatic.  I am really working on figuring out when to stop eating.. sometimes it takes a while for my brain to catch up. We were close to Wolf's 1-11 and it was Sunday afternoon so we were pretty sure that it would be pretty quiet. That is kind of a good thing for us because we aren't really into the bar scene but it could also backfire because they don't really have to be "on" for the slow Sunday lunch crowd. We walked in and were greeted by a hostess who told us we could "sit anywhere" which was kind of odd. She seemed, honestly, a bit hung over but nice enough. So we found our seats and our waitress was over in just a few moments. The beer menu is very extensive. Several regular breweries, but also a rotating menu of craft beers. They had Brewery Ommegang Fire and Blood and even though I have a bottle in my basement that I picked up from Healthy Living Market, I wanted to see what it tasted like on draft.
Game of Thrones Fire and Blood.
This red malty beer is spiced with ancho chiles and the spicy notes really come through.
There were a few different burgers on the menu and I really contemplated the Longhorn burger because it had bacon on it, but I had bacon for breakfast and I was trying to be mindful. So I got the Swiss Alps burger. I've always loved swiss cheese on burgers and this also had sauteed mushrooms, which I also love.
Swiss Alps Burger from Wolf's 1-11
Try not to drool on your screen
I ordered it medium, and since I've watched Jerry cut his burger's in half on his blog, I've started the habit as well. Easiest way to see how it's done without subjecting you all to a burger with a big ol bite out of it.
Swiss Alps Burger
So juicy... so tender... so perfectly how I like them.
Now, I'm not really up on what is "medium" and what is "medium rare" and this might be leaning a bit toward medium rare but I'm here to tell you this burger was delicious. It was juicy and tender and worth every indulgent bite. The outside of the patty was carmelized and had those crunchy bits that I love. The bun was lightly griddled so that it had crispy edges. The dijonaise sauce was applied with great restraint and was just enough to moisten the lower bun and add a nice flavor. We will definitely be back next time we want to indulge a little bit. Between the excellent beer selection and the obvious griddle skills in the kitchen, this may be one of our new favorite places.

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