Old Songs: Part 1 – The Friday Warm Up.
I spent the past weekend in Altamont, NY at Old Songs Festival. I had been to Old Songs before but I'd never stayed for the whole thing and I certainly never stayed when it rained. I know... crazy wimpy, right? Let me clue you in on something else. I'm kind of a cheapskate, too. See, my past experiences of Old Songs were... fine. I'd go and I'd hear a band or something but I'd leave feeling like I'd sort of wasted my money because I didn't really know the bands and I was too lazy (that's right.. LAZY) to take the time to research anyone or even stretch out of my comfort zone. These past two years I've been reintroducing music into my life. I pulled my dulcimer out of the box and I've slowly been pulling myself out of my hidey-hole. I don't know what possessed me, but I decided to volunteer at Old Songs. INORITE? Real people.. and me interacting with them. CRAZY! (also, free tickets and free Friday classes-  told ya.. cheapskate) So I volunteered to work the main gate. It wasn't hard but the best part was that my first day was super easy since I didn't have any shifts to work. That  meant I got to go to Bing Futch's workshop.
It was pretty much the same workshop I took with him at the Sand Creek Center for the Arts last month. I'd like to say that meant that I looked really great because I had this down cold..
But I didn't. Since we've moved, I've barely touched my instrument. So that was Friday pretty much. I did have a chance to spend some time chatting with Bing. I really find him super fascinating and an all around wonderful person. The dude just feels great to be around, know what I mean? You know those people.. the ones who just oooze good vibes? He's one of those. Saturday? Holy crap Saturday was amazing. I had no idea there was SO MUCH to do at Old Songs.. so much! and it was all fantastic! I realize this post makes it sound kinda blah but there is so much more coming.. hang tight for my Saturday recap. I actually threw out ice cream. Perfectly good ice cream. I KNOW!

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